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Building “boot camps” for immune cells near tumors

A new wave of therapies is unleashing the body’s immune system on cancer, significantly extending lives. These agents, however, don’t work for everyone, so scientists are exploring new approaches that might enable immunotherapies to more effectively combat tumors.

One idea, born of a team of bioengineers, involves loading baby-aspirin-sized scaffolds with immunotherapy agents and inserting them near tumors. These biodegradable scaffolds can potentially serve as “boot camps” for immune cells, recruiting and training them to recognize tumors and launch an attack. Novartis recently ...

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Novartis teams up with Harvard to develop next generation biomaterial systems to deliver immunotherapies

  • Collaboration and licensing agreement combine Harvard's expertise in tumor biology and materials science with Novartis' diverse immuno-oncology pipeline
  • Teams will explore the development of novel implantable and injectable biomaterial systems for delivering Novartis' portfolio of second-generation cancer immunotherapies
  • Investigators at Harvard's Wyss Institute and Dana-Farber Cancer Institute have reported evidence of anti-cancer immunity in preclinical experiments of the biomaterial systems[2]-[5].


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Novartis Foundation joins Global Partnership for Zero Leprosy

Boy being inspected for leprosy

Leprosy is one of the oldest diseases known to man, and today an estimated 2-3 million ...

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Novartis announces changes to the Executive Committee to support strategic priorities

  • Bertrand Bodson, Chief Digital Officer, appointed to the Executive Committee of Novartis (ECN)
  • Steffen Lang, Global Head Novartis Technical Operations, appointed to the ECN
  • Shannon Klinger named Chief Ethics, Risk and Compliance Officer, appointed to the ECN
  • André Wyss, President Novartis Operations and Country President for Switzerland, decided to leave Novartis

Basel, March 12, 2018 - Novartis announced today changes to its senior leadership team to support the ...

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Novartis expands alliance with Science 37 to advance virtual clinical trials program

  • Novartis and Science 37 commit to launch up to 10 trials with increasing decentralization over three years, scaling to "site-less" model
  • Agreement builds on our long-standing investment in and collaboration with Science 37 to use emerging digital technologies to enhance clinical trial participation for patients
  • The virtual trials model aims to make studies more accessible, opening up participation for remote or underserved communities while helping advance the development of innovative medicines

Basel, March ...

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